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A Busy Saturday

January 21, 2017

The fog brought out many of our team members today to help shed more light on the inventory process that started last Wednesday.


More parts were cataloged into spreadsheets or sorted into piles to determine their fate. To me inventory seems to be the most daunting part of the project to date. So many pieces in bags, boxes, bins, cabinets, and on shelves that have been sitting, waiting to see the light. Its been so nice to see the team come together and get this organized.


We cleared out the corner shelves and began building additional shelving and a new 2' x 8' work bench. This will all be used mostly for the PA-22/20 parts that have been inventoried as well as some miscellaneous parts from other aircraft. The new work bench will be a welcome addition as work space always seems to be at a premium. 


There was some actual work done on the plane today! Discussions about leveling the plane began and plane was temporarily leveled and shimmed in place. The new firewall got its first official hole drilled into it to attach and eye bolt which will in turn hold the spring for the rudder pedals - hey, its something.



All in all a productive day thanks to a great team turnout. We will be back at it again Wednesday night starting at 5:30!




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