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Stellar Turnouts

January 31, 2017

First let me say how impressed and grateful I am for the tremendous turnout we've been seeing over the last couple weeks. If we keep this up, and I'm confident we will, we should start to see great progress in the restoration.


Quite a few members showed up Saturday and jumped right in where they left off. Comfort and confidence levels are on the rise and the PA-22/20 is becoming part of their lives.


I'm learning that inventory is beast. While we are closing in on cataloging the parts and hardware, keeping track of old and new will be a frequent task. Fortunately we have folks that are really good at taking inventory and cataloging, perhaps maybe as a lead role ;-) Thanks to all the members who have taken part in the inventory process especially John Pennewell and Bob Thomas for spending large amounts of time taking copious notes and photos.


We were able to button up the tailwheel assembly thanks to Randy Thomas and his machining expertise. Doing that allowed us to get the tail back on the ground so we could pull the front wheels off for inspection. Unfortunately the front wheel brake assemblies didn't pass muster. This will be the first big ticket item we will need to purchase and with any luck and the right contacts we hope to get the parts at a discount or better yet as a generous sponsored donation - fingers crossed!


Persistence is paying off for the rudder pedal assembly. With a few more tweaks and possibly some cable length adjustments they should be good to go.


Wednesday night is fast approaching and we will have a new list of items to take on. Weather looks promising so we hope to see you at the hanger!

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