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Let The Kids Have At It

January 27, 2017

After a day of pretty stellar weather several team members brought their A game Wednesday night and checked off more boxes. 


Among the team that night were some young men who made dismantling and cataloging the instrument panel their goal for the evening. Armed with tools and tags JJ and Jon Martin, Jason Preston, and Grant Talley broke down the panel and prepped the instruments to be sent out for inspection and overhaul. These guys were like surgeons, carefully removing the gauges and radios from where they resided for so many years. Their enthusiasm and shared camaraderie was contagious. Excellent work!


Some cabling concerns for the rudder were handled Wednesday. Team members built new left and right rudder cables by the book and under inspection from Chuck. Again, the care involved in making sure specs were followed and cables were trimmed and crimped properly did not fall short. Following the specs not only teaches us the proper way but ensures that the repair is done right and will pass inspection.


The new shelves and work table were completed by Rus Chisena and Drew Dolan and the new and old parts have started making their way over there. This will be the main staging area for the PA-22/20 parts.


Jeff Geist and sidekick Scruffy fitted out the secondary tank for the air compressor which will allow the hanger twice the capacity and an additional hookup area. Jeff is a long time member/volunteer and Scruffy works for food.


The work continues Saturday starting at 9am. Hope to see you all there!



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