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February 13, 2017

Mother Nature has been toying with us the last few days with record highs in the 60's followed by lows in the 20's with our areas first significant snow. Considering how quirky our government has been lately, maybe they have something to do with the weather as well!


Weather aside, we had a large group show up today even with a number of members gone for the Cherry Ridge fly out. The hanger is buzzing with grinders, cutters, conversations and contemplations. It has also been a very active day on the runway with planes in and out all morning long.


The first item on the list today was to reposition the plane to allow more room for the other builds in the hanger (RV-10, Pitts S1, and an Ultralight). This hanger will really be active within the next month with all of these builds going on. Our times of having ample room to spread out are numbered.


Work began on one of the windows today, getting it cleaned up and refitted.


Bob Shaw began restoring the instrument panel today, building an overlay for the right side of the panel. Bob Thomas has started researching companies to send out the instruments for diagnostics and maybe repair. Fingers crossed we can salvage some of the instruments! 




Aileron rigging was inspected and was determined that some new cables will need to be made. John Poore referenced the drawings and his laptop to gather the proper rigging information.


When Chuck isn't answering questions or looking through a parts catalog he takes to some hands-on work. The fuel valve was disassembled, inspected and cleaned and with the exception of an o-ring, all appears to be airworthy.


Yes, inventory continues! John Pennewell labeled some of the hardware bins so we know what's what and where the heck it is. John has been on inventory since day one and has really done a great job getting things organized.


Melissa graced us with her homemade pulled pork for lunch. Even though she was off on the fly out she still made sure the team was fed. 



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