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Activity Warms the Hands

February 4, 2017

Not a cloud in the sky but the winter temps surely showed up this Saturday. That certainly didn't stop the team from being here to check off more boxes.


The tail wheel was pulled off, dismantled and inspected and after some elbow grease and a bit of sandblasting got it cleaned up. We'll put some new bearings in, replace the tube and tire and it will be good to go.





The seat adjustment handles were fitted and some additional fuselage components were put back on. Piece by piece the plane is taking shape.





The parts still to be cataloged are starting to thin out thanks to the unending efforts of the inventory team. It will be nice to clear out these tables and regain the floor space.



Even the kitchen had activity today as John poured through the FAA AD notes for applicability to PA22/20, and Melissa, our in-house medic, hit the books to take care of some invoices.



I put the camera down for a while today and did some real work with Chuck on the tail bracing wires. A bit of twisting, squeezing and metal fabrication later and things are looking good.


If you missed today just remember we are here every Saturday and Wednesday nights. If you were here today thank you for your fantastic work!

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